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The leading platform for sustainable business, covering ESG, net zero, CSR, green tech, and more.

From the key challenges facing businesses to the solutions needed, creating space for diverse voices to educate and inform those working towards a healthier and greener people and planet.


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ISCEA is an  international organization certifying professionals, with a mission to provide total supply chain knowledge through Education, Certification and Recognition. ISCEA is the developer of the Globally Recognized CSSP (Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Professional) Program.

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Sustainability Magazine connects the leading sustainability and ESG executives of the world’s largest brands. Our platform serves as a digital hub for connecting industry leaders, covering a wide range of services including media and advertising, events, research reports, demand generation, information, and data services. With our comprehensive approach, we strive to provide timely and valuable insights into sustainable practices, fostering innovation and collaboration within the sustainability community. Join us today and shape a sustainable future for generations to come.

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We are an independent, bi-monthly magazine bringing you the latest developments in Waste Management and Recycling. From industry leader breakthroughs in technology and development, to local initiative news, to governmental policy changes, we are there to spread the word. We work with partners across the sector and across media platforms, driven by a dedicated, enthusiastic, team who genuinely believe in the importance of sharing information to improve the roadmap toward net zero and a circular economy. 

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NetMedia International is a leading B2B communication company based in France, with country-specific offices in the UK, US, Germany, the DACH region, Iberia, and LATAM.

The group firmly believes that today’s business growth relies on creating powerful client experiences across media, data, and performance, as well as through community and events.

With a 40-year legacy as a publisher, NetMedia International is dedicated to connecting leading businesses with their audiences across multiple industries and sectors from TECH to healthcare.

NetMedia International supports businesses at every stage of their innovation and digital transformation journey, offering a diverse range of high-performing multimedia solutions. These solutions span print, digital, data, and events.

By offering comprehensive and integrated marketing solutions and supporting customer-focused business acceleration, NetMedia International enhances business efficiency and drives brand growth.

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Silicon UK is the leading source for IT news, analysis, features, and interviews about technology that impacts businesses.

Website traffic: 352,000 PAP/month

Audience: 262,000 VU/month

Daily newsletter: 36,000 subscribers

Double opt-in e-mail database: 146,900 addresses

B2B companies partner with Silicon, a tech-forward company, to leverage its digital transformation and innovation expertise. Silicon offers advanced technological solutions that enable B2B companies to enhance their digital presence and engagement strategies. Silicon’s deep understanding of digital trends and consumer behaviour allows for the creation of tailored, data-driven marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience.

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The Green Mobility Magazine delivers authoritative and original insights which spur understanding, exchange, and debate on the nexus between transportation and sustainability.

First launched in 2022, the Green Mobility Magazine reaches thousands of educated and influential transportation, technology, energy, finance, and policy professionals from across Europe and beyond.

Find out more about our unmatched periodical, events, and our B2B Green Mobility Magazine Directory at:

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ClimateTechReview is a pioneering community dedicated to accelerating global progress towards sustainability. Our focus rests on renewable energy and innovative technologies aimed at combating climate change. Through our portal, we strive to cultivate a supportive ecosystem that connects like-minded individuals and entities. Members have access to a wealth of resources, including connections to investors, companies, job opportunities, and exclusive deals. We also provide the latest news and updates in the climate technology landscape, ensuring our community stays informed and engaged.

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The green debate in Australia and around the world is at a mature stage, with businesses driving initiatives ahead of and sometimes instead of government.  

It is a business climate and landscape that varies from country to country, and even from state to state. With a focus on the energy, resources and construction sectors, Green Review keeps readers informed with current news and in-depth reports. Green Review’s focus on these three major sectors, considered some of Australia’s as well as the world’s biggest, highlights the growing pressure to improve their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) conduct. 

Due to their economic strength and market share, businesses involved in these industries also have the opportunity to make some big impacts. Green Review monitors news and projects that are breaking ground and ground breaking, with a focus on innovative technologies that drive the climate agenda. 

Green Review generates news from around Australia and around the world through informed comment from business, government, research institutes and university sources. 

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Startups Magazine is a publication which champions tech startups – the entrepreneurial heroes disrupting industries and the creators’ challenging norms and breaking boundaries.

In print and online, the Startups Magazine team works hard to deliver unique content to startups providing valuable insights from industry experts, advice on business fundamentals and most importantly – a platform to introduce tech startups to the world stage.

Subscribers of the publication have access to so much! You can read gold-dust content from experts, receive upcoming issues, be the first to be invites to events and can have their own startup featured editorially!

Alongside the magazine, the company also has a podcast called The Cereal Entrepreneur where they interview the most innovative startups of the moment! As well as talking about some startup lessons and failure fables with a sprinkling of inspirational advice from experts and startups themselves.

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SPSC ambassadors make a pro-bono community to enhance sustainability through UN principles and UN SDG Target integration.Our purpose is to support acceleration of the world’s transition to sustainability.

Our flagship Sustainability Ambassador program engages, motivates & recognises sustainability supporters around the globe.It is operated by Sustainability Ambassadors, and for Sustainability Ambassadors.

95% of our Sustainability Ambassadors enjoy FREE visibility & credibililty from our network in 100+ countries.

If you support sustainability, then we graciously welcome to apply at appropriate sustainability ambassador level on

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We are world #1 sustainability education directory in terms of number of sustainability education courses, number of educational institutes registered, number of accreditation boy registered, variety of search criteria, variety of education types as well as number of FREE sustainability education courses.

Some, of the many, world famous universities & institutes registered on our website includes Univ of Cambridge, Stanford Univ, MIT, Univ of Oxford, Harvard Univ, Imperial College London, King’s College London, UCL – Univ College London, UNEP, UN Climate Change, etc.

So we are google of Sustainability Education/Training courses with a more structured way of searching.

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The Sustainability Certification Services – UK is a globally recognised sustainability related learning & development accreditation organisation. We are recognised by professionals and organisations in more than 100 countries.

The Sustainability Certification Services engages, supports, and recognizes independent learning & development activities. We complement the policies and procedures of professional institutes, academic bodies as well as independent professionals.

Our team of highly experienced & highly educated (150+ PhD level) assessors add enormous credibility to our UK based accreditation service.

Dual verifiability of each and every certificate makes us different. 

Certificates can be verified using our certificate verification link Secondly, it can also be verified by scanning QR certificate code using mobile phone camera. This is a totally free public verification. A certificate issued by training provides can also be verified on our certificate verification link This helps us prevent issue of Illicit, illegal and fraud certificates using our watermark, logo and/or signature.

On the one hand, this makes your certificate incredibly reliable, unique as well as transparent to everyone. On the other hand, this provides much needed assurance to professionals who participated in our approved learning & development activity.

For organisations, it takes away their worry about authenticity of non-verifiable certificates. It also helps them detect fake certificates.

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GLOBAL RECYCLING – The Magazine for Business Opportunities & International

GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine talks about circular economy, global trends in the
recycling and recovery industry and waste recycling, markets for technology, logistics and
raw materials.

The English-speaking GLOBAL RECYCLING Magazine is dedicated to business
opportunities in the recycling industry and informs the readership about the international
recycling market. The magazine discusses international waste management and circular
economy. Moreover, GLOBAL RECYCLING focuses on other topics: waste paper, plastics,
scrap and metal recycling. Additionally, every issue presents recycling processes, methods,
and machinery.

Another of the magazine’s aims is to give more people access to these topics. Therefore, we
attach great importance to distributing our publication at numerous international fairs,
congresses, and conferences. Apart from the visitors of these fairs, the readership of
GLOBAL RECYCLING is made up of business owners, heads of departments, consultants,
public authorities, and municipalities. Our readers especially appreciate the various topics,
which are touched upon in every issue by us. More information:

Free reading sample:

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Sustainable Tech Partner ( is the global voice of green IT service providers. Through exclusive news, research and analysis, we empower technology partners & their customers to achieve & maintain their sustainability goals.